The Skilled Overseas Consultants services aims at providing our clients with the best possible opportunities when it comes to their career secured future. We initially screen your profiles identifying your strengths and using it as a key factor. Our experts are equipped with various career options which can help an individual somewhere or the other if not 100% but to a great extent. We aim at keeping everything transparent with our clients which has proven to be our biggest strength whenever it comes to our services.

Job Search Service
There is a paradigm shift in the hiring process by the employers which has resulted in screening only the cream of the employees. In the recent years the pattern of recruitment has changed drastically which usually affects people when they are thinking of moving overseas for a better future or pay. Every individual is different from the other so we assist our clients in finding the suitable options according to their profile and experience. As these days most of the countries have their own demand list of occupations which they only want to entertain. So the dedicated Job Search team identifies those avenues and works accordingly so that your chances increase.

Post Landing Services
Complete air travel assistance
Airport pick up and drop
Assist in finding temporary / permanent accommodation of your budget
Opening a bank account
City tour
Business tour
Assist in finding an admission for your kid in a school (if you are married)