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Skilled overseas consultants ensure total transparency and 100 % commitment in providing genuine services all the way through your immigration process.



We were nurturing our dream of moving to Canada since 2010. To achieve this objective, we approached different consultancies but none of them provided any concrete plan to boost our confidence. In 2018, we came across the name, "Skilled Overseas Consultants", through one of our close friends. After our first meeting with Mr. Venkatesh and team we realized that this is the right place to be and that was our first stepping stone towards achieving Canadian PR. Venkatesh has provided us immense support in successful application of PR. He was always available to respond to our multiple queries and clear all our doubts without any hesitation. We admire his honesty and truthfulness with which he runs his business. His individual attention to every singular case is remarkable, given that every profile is different. We have already started recommending his services within our known circle and will continue to do so.
For any queries, do reach out to us on our below mentioned email ID's. We will be more than happy to provide more references of Venkatesh's service which is best in class.
Sumedha Choudhury & Tapas Choudhury (Canada PR)
[email protected]
[email protected]

Venkatesh and his team are best in guiding through the process to settle abroad. He provided me an excellent guidance to achieve my Canada PR. He motivated me in every step towards my goal of achieving PR. At first, I spoke with him on the phone since I was in the United States. Even though he did not meet me in person when I launched my application, he always treated me as if he knew me very well. He is one of the reasons that I achieved my IELTS required score. He always used to give me positive energy and self-confidence. Sometimes, it’s harder to balance life between parenthood and your goals but motivation can help boost self-confidence. I highly recommended Venkatesh and his team for honesty and integrity. I feel as a family when I speak with him. I am happy and excited that I achieved my goal through his guidance. Venkatesh and his team always responded to me when I called.
Please feel free to contact me through my email at “[email protected]
Rafia Banu- Canada PR

I am Lakshmanan and currently located in Singapore , I got the contact of Venkatesh through a friend who got a successful outcome of his application through Venkatesh for Australia PR .

I contacted Venkatesh and had regular discussions, the good thing about him is that he knows how to position a profile for a better outcome, he encouraged me a lot to proceed further through regular follow ups to boost my PTE scores even when I gave up and that made the difference for me. I will attribute a bigger share to him on my success.
Lakshmanan Chokalingam (Australia PR)

Just like everyone trying for PR I reached out to visa consultants in Hyderabad. I was referred to Mr. Venkatesh Poojala from Skilled Overseas Consutants by a friend who at that time had just received his Canadian PR and was very happy with services.

By the time I spoke to Mr. Venkatesh I had already contacted two other consultants. Unlike other consultants he was very professional/practical with the entire process and does not make any unreal assurances. There was no charge for reviewing my eligibility (other two charged $30-$40). My IELTS scores were low and he advised right away that I retake my IELTS(Other consultants pressurized me to pay and start of my application process and try for PNP). He presented a very clear step by step instructions/execution for the entire application process to make sure the submitted application is fool proof avoiding unforeseen delays later on. He was the single point of contact from start to end, patiently addressed all our queries at every step and checked the progress consistently for timely submission

Most professional, genuine consultants who respect the process and strive for success instead of committing to unlawful practices.
Satya Sirish Anala,(Canada PR)

Mr. Venkatesh has been a source of constant support and guidance as I was able to only interact with him over the phone during my PR application to Canada. He is someone who keeps things practical without assuring lofty unreal expectations which is very much commendable indeed. His attention to detail about the minute aspects of the overall application process is akin to meticulous craftsmanship at its very best. His nature to address queries patiently and handling things with utmost consideration is very much soothing during the entire process.

If case of any queries kindly reach out to me on my email [email protected] I will be more than happy to vouch for Mr.Venkatesh's service that is both an unique and result oriented experience.
Pavan Kumar Adhepalli (Canada)

Received my Australia PR recently and would like to thank Venkatesh from Skilled Overseas Consultants (SC) for his guidance. Venkatesh was excellent with his step by step guidance and follow up. The PR process is tedious and long, however, Venkatesh ensured that he took care of all the processes leaving me assured that there are no delays. He is meticulous and knowledgeable of the entire PR process and helped me make the right decisions. I would recommend his services to anybody looking to apply for PR.

Thank you Venkatesh for all your help and guidance!
Jehaangir Basha (Australia PR)

Really committed and professional overseas consultant I have ever seen. Skilled Overseas Consultancy is subject matter expert in Visa processing and they know an extremely deep understanding of process and flow which helps you achieve your goal. I would definitely recommend Skilled Overseas Consultants without a second thought. Our adviser Venkatesh Poojala has been the best and professional consultant to us. I really thank him for the continuous motivation, support and guidance during our PR process. There was consistent follow up and proper updates during our visa process.

I wish you all the best team.
Krishna Kolli ( Canada PR)

I take this opportunity to thank Venkatesh for his expert consulting services. Really appreciate his promptness, eye for detail, timely responses and actions in my Visa processing. He had been extremely proactive in suggesting actions. Appreciate the integrity he brings to his work. He handled our case very meticulously and was always available to provide right advice. Heartfelt gratitude to you Venkatesh. Wishing you all the success in your career ahead.

Sincere thanks to you for all our guidance and support. Keep Rocking!! :)
- Manish Surjan

All I ever wanted is to get Canada PR. I know I have to go but I clearly didn’t have an approach to follow. That’s when I was referred to Venkatesh at Skilled Overseas Consultants(SOC) by one of my close friend. I spoke with a dozen different consultants before I got hold of SOC and everyone were like pay first talk next type of consultants. I still remember talking to him for the first time, all my questions were answered in the first call itself and by the end of it I know what I have to do to get my visa.

Transactions were all transparent with SC, there is no beating around the bush. They gave me an estimate and everything was in order and I went ahead. Venkatesh is always available like literally from morning to night any questions you have he is right there to sort it out. Throughout the procedure not even once I felt something was not going as per the plan. Everything is spot on. From proof reading to submission for everything SC will assist you and will give their 100%.

The support Venkatesh gave throughout is surreal. I couldn’t ask for anything better. He has immense knowledge on how things are to be done. He is spot on with whatever suggestions he gives. I’m so happy with his service that I referred a bunch of my friends to him and will do so in the future as well.

A big thanks to SC and especially my brother Venkatesh.
- Venkat Anil Kumar (Canada PR)

We got a referral for Venkatesh Poojala through a friend of ours when my wife and I were looking to apply for Australian PR. We had a couple of bad experiences with Immigration Consultancies earlier and hence were skeptical but by end of our first conversation we got a clear understanding of the process and our chances of being successful.

We are glad to be associated with Venkatesh. He is meticulous with his analysis and provides genuine feedback. He is very prompt with follow ups, provides step by step details on how to approach each phase of processing and is very patient in answering our doubts. His guidance on required paper work is quite extensive. Since both my wife and I are working professionals it was difficult for us at times to devote time, but he was there to support and reviewed all our documentation which is critical in Australian PR processing.

Last week we received our Australian PR. I would recommend him and his team at Skilled Overseas Consultants to anyone who has aspirations to move abroad.
- Rajneesh Kumar Nune

I had loads of doubts and questions when I started my PR process. I was referred to Venkatesh by one of my colleague who provided me excellent guidance throughout the process of my PR application to Australia. I appreciate Venkatesh for the honesty and integrity with which he carries out the business. He is easily approachable, friendly, and has thoroughly knowledge to answer questions related to PR processes. My heartfelt thanks to your Venkatesh, and I will be happy to refer my friends who needs to go through this process.
- Deepan Saravana Arumugam

One of my friend referred me to Venkatesh and it was a very good experience in the visa journey with Skilled Overseas Consultants. He guided me a lot for getting the PR. I recommend Skilled Overseas Consultants for the people who are planning to apply PR.
- Thrilok Atapaka Sivaramiah

Venkatesh has all the knowledge that is required to help for the process of PR application. Venkatesh is very clear about all the steps that occur in the process of PR application and provides very useful suggestions at all times. He always is upto date about the changes that are made in the process and informs us regularly. In the long processing time he stays as a positive hope and motivates the same. We are very glad that we approached Venkatesh poojala’s skilled overseas consultancy and recommend our relatives and friends towards him.
- Sai Kiran Reddy Gurram

I was referred to Venkatesh through one of my friends. When I met Venkatesh first I found him to be honest and genuine with his work and not one of those consultants who would give false hopes to lure money from people.

Throughout the entire process Venkatesh was a thorough professional and followed up frequently with my progress. He constantly updated me and kept me informed with the process.

During the times I was worried about my Visa outcome, he was extremely supportive and positive with my Visa result.

I have already given his reference to number of my friends as it is not easy to find genuine people who work with such passion for someone else’s dream. I would say Venkatesh did play a key role in making my dream come true. Thanks a ton.
- Soumya Joseph

When I started to look for a reliable consultancy for processing Australian PR, I was not sure which one to choose. But as per my friend's advice, I opted "Skilled Overseas Consultants".

Venkatesh has got good knowledge of the entire PR processing and has guided me at all stages of the PR process. He regularly updated me the status of the PR and the next steps to be followed.

In fact he guides to get PR in less possible time by providing all required documents and other details. This is very important because if there is lack of information in the application that we submit, there will be a query raised by the Visa agent and it means there will be delay in getting the final PR.

Venkatesh is aware of these things and he makes sure that all required information is there in place before submitting the actual application. I am sure "Skilled Overseas Consultants" is going to get lot of referrals because of the quality of work it delivers.
- Amarendra Reddy

After roaming around all the reputed and COMMERCIAL Consultancies in Hyderabad, one of my friends referred me to Skilled Overseas Consultancy. I am glad, he did. From the very first counseling I was impressed with the service rendered by Sonali, Venkatesh and his team. They're the best, always approachable and you get timely updates throughout the process.

I now have a Canadian PR and want to thank each member of the SOC team for their phenomenal work!

I did refer few of my friends, shall continue doing it even after going to Canada without a doubt, because I know they'll be in the safe hands of the most HONEST and PROFESSIONAL consultants I've ever met. I can write a novel based on the amazing experiences I've had over the past few months working with the team. Nevertheless, you can reach out to me at [email protected]
- Rekha Singh

"Obviously, it's natural to be skeptical with many consultants in the market regarding immigration.I took a leap of faith and decided to go ahead with Skilled Over Seas Consultants, Venkatesh is amazing and was unbelievably helpful to me and my wife when we wanted to apply for Canada and now that we are going to be in Canada in the next few months, It's scary yet exciting as we begin a new chapter. Venkatesh is a keen motivator, highly diligent and passionate when it comes to work and that made our work easy in no time right from the time of PR invitation to filing complete application and stamping. Thank you Venkatesh for making our PR application work a walk in the park. I keep referring him to many of my friends and peers.
- Srikanth Gullapalli ( [email protected] )

Venkatesh and the team provided me excellent guidance throughout the process of my PR application to Australia. I admire Venkatesh for the honesty and integrity with which he carries out the business. Has always been prompt and open to speak to me. I have been very happy to refer other friends to Venkatesh and he promptly motivates them to pursue their application process, inspite of not having any such compulsion.

Anyone having any queries can directly reach out to me on my email [email protected] I will be happy to give more references of Venkatesh's service that is a class apart from the competition
- Gopinatha Rao Yareeda (Australia)

I took the services of Venkatesh from Skilled Overseas Consultants for PR for Australia. He was very professional and transparent throughout the process and offered good guidance across every stage of visa processing.
- Ashish Kumar Krishnan

I and My brother were lucky for being referred to Mr.Venkatesh 'Skilled Overseas Consultants', in order to process our Permanent Residence for Australia smoothly.

From the beginning of our journey, Everything was handled with care and punctuality I am glad by meeting such cooperative counsellor. I have always appreciated the transparent and clean dealings, quick response that we got, and the manner in which you undertake your client is excellent. Thanks for the extra effort you put forth in assisting us on this entire journey.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Venkatesh for his excellent, cost-effective service to others.
- Satish DK

I got my 189 PR visa from Skilled Overseas Consultants through Venkatesh who was very cordial and forthcoming right from the time I approached their office. He was always available to answer all my queries round the clock and the best part is that he does the documentation very flawlessly. He also gives transparent and timely advice which helped to calm the nerves and plan better. I always recommend their service to anyone looking to apply.
- Deepak

I am writing this review from Melbourne, Australia. Both me and my wife migrated here last year.

It’s been about 2 years ago my friend started pushing me to get a PR. So, a bunch of us started searching for some major consultancies. We started googling which was best and we were in a stage where we still couldn’t decide where to look for help or which country's PR should we apply for (Either Canada or Australia). We went to some consultancies with Fake promises and Huge lumpsum amounts (per the number of persons applying in the family) etc. There were even consultancies which were misguiding us by telling we weren’t eligible and that we might get PR after few years of application.

Finally, our search ended at Skilled Overseas Consultants where we met Mr. Venkatesh. Initially I was skeptic about the whole thing, but after a 5-min conversation with him, I made up my mind to apply for an Australian PR as per my eligibility.

The best part about this wonderful experience, everything was as per the real-time facts being shown on actual immigration websites and his estimates about who might get PR and for which country is outstanding. This kind of frankness and accuracy comes only with a lot of experience.

On the very first meeting he assessed us, set out clear expectations and explained the Do's and Don’ts of the process. After that, during the whole process of the PR there were very few small instances that I met the Team at Skilled Overseas Consultants as rest all interactions were only via phones and emails. I never had to bother, call or check where my application was as I was kept in loop and timely informed on each and every update. They were also informing me well in advance for the any fee that needs to be arranged and where I need to make the direct online transactions.

After a short span of about 5-6 Months a group of our friends had our PR's sent to our mail by the Australian Govt. Ideally this entire process would have been a huge hassle if I wouldn't have approached Skilled Overseas Consultants. I vouch for Mr. Venkatesh and his team at Skilled overseas and would suggest anyone interested in a PR to go meet them first.
- Krishna Murty Vajjhala